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Delilah Reyes

In 2010 Sinai Assisted Living Home LLC was founded by Delilah Reyes. She owned Hosanna Childcare for 14 years before opening up Sinai Assisted Living Home LLC.

She started helping an elderly neighbor and realized her compassion towards elderly. She found her friend one too many times on the floor. Her heart strings were pulled and that's when she opened Sinai Assisted Living Home LLC. She saw the need to help elderly love, give, and care for them. Sinai Assisted Living Home LLC has been opened now for three years.

Delilah is thankful to have the opportunity to care for those who have limited support. Delilah has a strong faith and that is where the name Sinai was birthed because she wanted to demonstrate her desires for this Assisted Living Home as being strongly committed.

Delilah's desire is to have an over-sized home with a theatre room, private room for each client, beauty and barber shop inside, live entertainment, and more. She wants to give a good life to people whose families cannot. To make her residents feel that their at home and live their last days with respect and freedom.

Sinai Assisted Living Home

Sinai Assisted Living